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Food distribution supplies.
Food distribution supplies.

08 December 2011

Anglican Aid’s appeal for urgent donations has been met with a fantastic response.

Between early October and 30 November supporters donated $520,000 which means that, with the support of the Commonwealth Government’s dollar-for-dollar grant scheme, more than one million dollars was raised! On top of that, $385,000 was received from supporters before the government announced it would match every dollar Anglican Aid received. So, in total, we have been responsible for raising $1.4 million.

Much of that money has already been sent to the Anglican Church of Kenya where it is being used to provide urgent water, food, shelter and medical assistance for some of the 13 million people who require urgent humanitarian aid.

So far Australians have given $25 million through the dollar for dollar scheme through various aid organisations like Anglican Aid. Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Kevin Rudd (who announced the dollar matching scheme in October this year) said: "Australians did what they always do in a significant time of need: they dug deep, and they gave to save lives across the Horn of Africa."

However, it has been estimated that at least one billion dollars needs to be raised worldwide to have a real impact.

The worst famine in world history is far from over.  In Somalia alone 750,000 people remain at risk of starvation and unprecedented numbers  are fleeing their homes for neighbouring countries. Already poor conditions are being made worse by life-threatening cholera and measles outbreaks in the region. There is an ongoing need for funds.

Please consider donating to the Horn of Africa appeal. You can be assured your money is being used wisely and that lives are being saved. Pray that God will help all those in need in the Horn of Africa and that funds will continue to flow. Thank you!

Send a cheque made out  to 'Overseas Development'  to PO Box Q190, QVB Post Office NSW 1230 OR call (02) 9284 1406 OR DONATE NOW!

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