Jesus commended the love of the Samaritan for his neighbour, the wounded man left dying by the side of the road. The Samaritan was filled with compassion so he risked his own safety and comfort, and invested his own resources to care for the wounded man. 

Anglican Aid is privileged to work with partners who show this same love to their neighbours.

The Love in Action Appeal is about building support for our partners whose aim it is to improve their communities in a way that is practical and effective in oftentimes messy and sometimes dangerous situations, regardless our partners are always motivated by Jesus’ command to love our neighbours as ourselves. 

Here is the story of Pastor Feru Taye, director of Heading North Ministries in Northern Ethiopia:

Having grown up in a remote, rural subsistence village, with a culture heavily influenced by witchcraft and revenge killings, Feru wanted to bring the peace and truth of Jesus Christ to communities in Northern Ethiopia; for 7 years Feru was the full-time pastor for the Kale Heywet Church (KHC) in Bahirdar, Ethiopia. With a background in sociology, communication and theology, Feru eventually moved into development work and for 8 years served as the development chairman of the KHC in Northern Ethiopia, here he headed up a number of instrumental development activities that saw rapid improvements in the community by emphasising a participatory approach between the Church and local communities. 

Now the director of Heading North Ministries, Feru has facilitated training and initiatives related to clean water and sanitation, environmental protection, income generation, peace and reconciliation, leadership development and marriage enrichment, to name a few.

Along with his wife, Kelem, and children Samual, Isak and Abigaya, Feru and his team work together with people from all levels in the local community, from the most vulnerable, women, children, people living with a disability, as well as elders and local government officials, to bring about sustainable changes. 

Last year Feru received a series of awards culminating in the prized regional section (the area is 25 million people) for the integrated work with vulnerable women and children.The KHC church has benefited having Feru to lead them as they have grown through Feru's example of loving the Lord with his life and loving others. 

It isn't smooth sailing for Feru and Heading North, tensions, divisions and hostility exist between the Kale Heywet Church, Heading North Ministries and the local community, Feru has said that “most rural areas are not good to live in, especially because we are persecuted as protestant belivers, but local communities love our work. They hate us but they love us”. Despite the difficulties, Feru says: “Life is good for me because I do good for my community and it is satisfying, in all that I do I learn from my Lord and role model Jesus. I have a dream to expand the work in the coming 30 years throughout all of Northern Ethiopia.”

When you give to Anglican Aid, you give to partners like Feru, who are prepared to put their reputation, personal safety and comfort on the line, to ensure that the most vulnerable people in our communities are cared for.

Please give today to enable their work to continue.

Direct Deposit donations can be made to our bank account BSB 032078, Account Number 253493, Account Name: Anglican Aid. Please place your surname and “Action” in the reference line. Please email the office with details of your donation at
Cheques can be posted to – PO Box Q190, QVB Post Office NSW 1230. Please make your cheque out to 'Anglican Aid'.

ABN 28 525 237 517

If this appeal is oversubscribed, excess funds will be allocated to other Anglican Aid tax-deductible projects approved by the Board.