In Romans, we are called to “share with the Lord’s people in need.”

By giving to the Archbishop of Sydney’s Winter Appeal you will be helping to resource and enable churches to run sustainable ministry programs to assist and care for our city’s most vulnerable.

Sydney has the highest incidence of poverty of any Australian capital city. Research indicates that 15% of people in Sydney are living below the poverty line and there are geographic concentrations of disadvantage across the Sydney Diocese. That means, there are over 700,000 people living in the most socially disadvantaged suburbs of our diocese who need our support this winter – the homeless, unemployed, families exposed to domestic violence, at-risk youth and children, people with a disability, people with mental illness, Indigenous Australians, refugees and asylum seekers.

At present, Anglican Aid partners with churches in 12 out of the 30 most socially disadvantaged suburbs in Sydney, providing grants that enable and resource those churches to run ministry programs in their communities.

Over the next three years, working in conjunction with the Ministry in Socially Disadvantaged Areas Committee (MSDAC), Anglican Aid would like to increase the number of churches receiving ministry grants in socially disadvantaged suburbs to 21. Can you help us to raise $450,000 this winter, so as a diocese we can help reach more people in need?

Some of the ministry programs currently receiving grants include:

Please give generously to the Winter Appeal and support churches from socially disadvantaged suburbs in our diocese to deliver sustainable ministry programs to help the vulnerable in their communities. 

Anglican Aid are financial supporters of Rough Edges, the ministry program carried out by St John’s, Darlinghurst. This ministry was life-changing for Peter. Together we can provide more places like Rough Edges, so more people can experience respect and care at a time in their lives when they need it most. You can help more vulnerable people be shown the Christ-like love that Peter experienced from the first moment he walked through their doors.

Peter's* story

As he sat, he reflected, “I just remember the nice smile the woman gave me behind the counter and it just made my day.”  

This was the turning point for Peter*, who was homeless, living on the cold, lonely and often dangerous streets of Inner Sydney, battling with addiction and with little hope for the future. When he first walked through the doors of Rough Edges - affectionately known as a lounge room for people who don’t have their own lounge room - he knew he had found something unique. Here there was something to eat, something warm to drink, and someone who would listen. He could watch TV, read the paper, play a game of Scrabble, do some painting or even just sit. And there was also access to a program offering legal advice, counseling, financial and practical assistance. But what was at the heart of this special place was its genuine hospitality. The Chaplain described it as a place that shows people respect and care, regardless of their circumstances. There, as Christians, they recognised that all people need care, love, fellowship and friendship - including the socially disadvantaged in their community.

Many years down the track…Peter is off the street, out of addiction, has completed studies in community services at TAFE and is now caring for others just as he was shown care at a time when he was vulnerable. He commented, “I reckon there should be more places like Rough Edges”.

*name has been changed

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