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Leaving a gift
in your will

There are milestones in our lives that signal a need to take action and make or update our wills.

Maybe you’ve recently married, had children, sold a home or business, retired, lost a loved one or experienced other major changes in your life. 

When making or updating your will, you may like to consider leaving a gift to Anglican Aid.

Your gift will let grace flow to vulnerable communities for generations to come – helping to train the next generation of Christian leaders in developing nations, strengthen churches and transform communities, to the eternal glory of God.

“Grace has certainly flowed into our lives and we have been greatly blessed. That’s why we wanted to be sure that our wills were doing God’s will and bringing hope and relief to others after our lifetimes. We’ve always supported the work of Anglican Aid both in Australia and overseas and now we can be certain that support can continue. After providing first for our family and loved ones, we included a bequest to Anglican Aid…”


Things to consider

We encourage you to prayerfully consider these things as you’re thinking about leaving a gift in your will.

What is a bequest?

A deferred gift that is written into your will is called a bequest.

You can decide if you would like Anglican Aid to use your bequest where it is most needed, or to support a specific project. Consider if you would like the bequest to be tax-deductible.

Choose whether to leave a gift of cash, property, shares or other investments.

If you are writing a new will you have three choices: 1. Leaving the residue of your estate to Anglican Aid (anything left over after you have met all your personal commitments) 2. Leaving a percentage of your estate to Anglican Aid 3. Leaving a specific amount to Anglican Aid

You can easily update it with an additional clause that includes your bequest and complies with all the requirements of a valid will. Your solicitor will provide you with the appropriate documentation.

We recommend that you seek qualified legal advice whether you’re thinking of making a new will or updating an existing will. A solicitor will make sure that your will is valid and that your intentions to leave a bequest are stated clearly and worded in a way that meets legal requirements.

Want to find out more?

Please feel welcome to speak to the Anglican Aid team on 02 9284 1406, email enquiries@anglicanaid.org.au or use the form below to connect with us.

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