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More about Anglican Aid’s Bible College Student Sponsorship Program

Since the 1990s, the Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid has funded the theological education of hundreds of students through dozens of theological colleges across the globe. Through Anglican Aid’s international links, more and more bishops are asking the Diocese of Sydney for help in training their clergy. The growing need for trained pastors in the developing world was the catalyst for Anglican Aid to adopt an individual Bible College Student Sponsorship program.

We believe that the health of local churches is crucial for the health of Christian communities, and the health of local churches rises and falls with the quality of training received by ministry leaders. In keeping with our aid and development principles, sponsorships will be offered in partnership with local in-country support. Thereby, building local ownership and sustainable growth.

Candidates for student sponsorship will be emerging Christian leaders, renowned in their community for their godly character and leadership ability (cf 1 Timothy 3; Titus 1). They will have demonstrated a long-term commitment to Christian ministry and have the written endorsement of their bishop/head of ministry, pastor and parish council (or equivalent), and Principal/Director of the college where the study will be undertaken. If they are married, students will have a Christian spouse supportive of studying for a lifetime of Christian ministry. Students will make a commitment to remain working in their country of origin for at least five years following the completion of their studies.

Sponsorships will only be offered through theological colleges and training institutions where there is theological alignment with the reformed evangelical Anglican support base of Anglican Aid.

This unique sponsorship program will give Sydney Anglicans the opportunity to directly sponsor an emerging leader from a developing country to study full-time towards a certificate, diploma, bachelor or higher awards at a trusted biblical training institution - and help fill the urgent need for biblically faithful pastors.

Sponsors will be able to develop a personal interest in the student and their country. Students and sponsors will have the opportunity to build a long-term relationship through committed prayer, regular correspondence and financial support, from the student’s first year of study through to graduation. Sponsors may also choose to follow the student’s journey into long-term ministry - as they go on to bear fruit, strengthen the church and transform communities in their country of origin, to the glory of God.

More about Anglican Aid

The Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid is an aid and ministry agency of Sydney Anglicans in partnership with the global church. Our vision is to see the grace of God overflowing from Australian Christians to a world in need. We strengthen churches and transform vulnerable communities by building relationships between Australian Christians and local partners in Australia and overseas. 

Through Anglican Aid, we currently see the grace of God overflowing from Sydney Anglicans to over 430 full-time Bible College students and 100 projects in over 30 countries including in Australia. All this is being done through trusted in-country Christian partners, linked to local church ministry, reaching the most vulnerable of people.

For more information or to express your interest in sponsoring a Bible College Student please contact us by emailing or calling 02 9284 1406.