Help Anglican Aid care for Beirut

Anglican Aid is working closely with Christian partners in Lebanon to care for people affected by the August 4 explosion in the shipping district of Beirut. We are providing relief and aid funds through the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development Campus (LSESD), who partner with local churches that are actively responding to the needs of the community.

We are providing aid for food relief for vulnerable households. This approach is the most effective way of addressing the need because it prioritizes food—which remains households’ greatest need and monthly expenditure category. The aid will also supply medication for at-risk families with members with chronic diseases or other serious medical conditions on a monthly basis.

The explosion destroyed the Port of Beirut, which was Lebanon’s main gateway for imported goods (including 80% of the country's wheat). The country’s only grain silo was also destroyed, leading the United Nations to warn against yet another impending humanitarian catastrophe.

The ABC reports that on 4 August, a massive explosion tore through Beirut’s shipping district. The force of the blast was equivalent to a 3.5 magnitude earthquake.

It’s estimated over 200 people have died in the explosion, with over 6,000 injured. Around 300,000 people have been displaced including 80,000 children. 

“Our brothers and sisters in Lebanon were already battling a health and economic crisis due to the Coronavirus pandemic,” said Tim Swan, CEO of Anglican Aid. “This tragic explosion has compounded their suffering.

“We ask our supporters to pray for Beirut, and to show the love of Christ for them by giving to this appeal.”

“We ask our supporters to pray for Beirut, and to show the love of Christ for them by giving to this appeal.” - Tim Swan, CEO

Standing by at-risk families in their hour of need strengthens the witness of the Church in the communities served.

Give now to provide:

  • 600 food insecure households in Lebanon with access to monthly food over a six month period 
  • Medication for at-risk households with members with chronic illnesses or other serious medical conditions

The assistance provided will be needs-based, unconditional, and in line with humanitarian principles. Importantly, it will be distributed through local churches ensuring pastoral care is also given.

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