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Bible Training

Equipping the next generation of Christian leaders to share and defend the gospel. Anglican Aid is helping Bible students in some of the most needy parts of the world to access high quality theological training.

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In the developing world, many churches do not have a pastor, or the pastor is working from a rudimentary grasp of the Bible and theology. The workers for that harvest truly are few, and often poorly equipped. In those environments, the church is constantly in danger of erroneous or corrupted theology, or losing sight of Jesus. 

In Egypt, Anglican Aid provides scholarships for students from Northern Africa and the Middle East to study at the Alexandria School of Theology. The college offers diploma, bachelor and masters level study in theology, with a focus on practical discipleship, mission and Church ministry. Around 135 students are enrolled in the two campuses in Alexandria and Cairo, a number of whom have Anglican Aid scholarships.

Anglican Aid also partners with churches to help students study Moore College’s certificates in theology (PTC, ITC and ThC) by sponsoring programs and translation efforts. Through the MOCLAM program, over 500 students are studying in Spanish in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama. Anglican Aid provides travel and logistical support for the MOCLAM teachers, to help them run courses across Latin America. 

In Madagascar, Anglican is partnering with the six Anglican dioceses covering the island and the Centre for Global Mission to teach the PTC in French, and translate it into the local language, Malagasy. Madagascar is one of the world’s poorest nations, recently experiencing political unrest with violent protests and coups, along with outbreaks of pneumonic and bubonic plagues. In this suffering, the church continues to grow, and the training already provided to church leaders has had a great impact. 

“What encourages me a lot in ministry is to see people coming to Christ. That is our experience, that’s what we have seen […] they’ve responded to the Word of God and we did many baptisms since then and that gives us joy to see God is at work. God is still in control and he will always be in control. And God works through his words and that gives us joy — to see people coming to Christ.”  – Rev Berthier Lainirina, Provincial Secretary for the Anglican Diocese of the Indian Ocean.

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