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WHAT WE DO: Community Care (Australia)

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Community Care (Australia)

Help churches in disadvantaged areas in Sydney and the Illawarra reach out to the most vulnerable people in their community.


Anglican Aid’s Australian Community Care fund directly resources and empowers churches in disadvantaged suburbs to run their own ministry programs.

These ministries serve people from all around the world, including Christian brothers and sisters fleeing persecution, and people of all faiths and backgrounds.

In suburbs like Eagle Vale, Guildford and Liverpool South, Anglican Aid partners with local churches to reach out to refugees and asylum seekers in the community. These programs provide food, basic cooking appliances and education about accessing food, women’s and children’s support, English classes, school and homework support, financial and pastoral counselling, and assistance in finding housing.

Community Care projects address addiction, homelessness, unemployment, domestic violence, gambling, mental health, and assist people with disabilities.

Working in partnership with the Ministry in Socially Disadvantaged Areas Committee (MSDAC), Anglican Aid enables individual churches to own and deliver their own ministry programs, creating effective, sustainable transformation.

Help Anglican Aid support mission within Australia.

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