At Anglican Aid, our hope is to bring glad tidings and great joy to the enormous number of people experiencing privation at Christmas time.

We partner with many organisations working with vulnerable people. Anugrah Disabilities in India is one of these organisations, providing healthcare and advocating for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the broader community.

“Everybody tells [people with disabilities] that they are cursed. Those are the messages they grow up hearing…How does one define human value? Is it by what I can do? Or how fast I am, how talented I am? Anugrah challenges that…”

Jubin Varghese, a Psychologist at Anugrah Disabilities.

A child and staff worker at Anugrah Disabilities, India

Only 2% of the 19,800 people with disabilities in the Dehradun district of India where Anugrah is located receive help, and it is only one of many communities in need that Anglican Aid reaches. This Christmas, your tax deductible gift to the Anglican Aid Christmas Appeal will help people like the families at Anugrah Disabilities.

Please consider donating to the Anglican Aid Christmas Appeal.

Your donation to the Anglican Aid Christmas Appeal is:

  • Directly helping people in need. Anglican Aid partners with churches and development groups on the ground that have face-to-face relationships with people in need.
  • Used wisely. We invest in long-term projects that assist whole communities, adhere to development principles that value humanity and have all the right certifications.
  • Meeting spiritual needs too. Our Christian partners outwork their personal faith in Jesus Christ when interacting with the people that your donation supports.
  • Tax-deductible.

During this season of giving, we wanted to offer you a small gift from Anglican Aid. Please enjoy this free Christmas card download, with a cut-out ornament for you to hang on your tree.
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