Food, water and shelter for Fiji's Cyclone Yasa victims

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Cyclone Yasa, Fiji Emergency Appeal

Help families who've lost everything.

Praying and supporting people left homeless by Cyclone Yasa

Anglican Aid is responding to the massive destruction wrought by Cyclone Yasa as it swept through northern Fiji on 17 December 2021. At its height, it struck Vanua Levu (Fiji’s second largest island) with 345km winds.

Working with Christian partners on the ground, assistance from Anglican Aid has already made a significant difference for families who have lost homes, crops and livelihoods.

Anglican Aid sent immediate assistance to Bishop Henry Bull, Anglican Bishop of Fiji’s Northern Division, based in Dreketi, and the Rev. Joseph Swamy of the Methodist Church, Indian Division, based on Taveuni Island, as they coordinate distribution.

From Bishop Henry, we have received this encouraging note of thanks to all who have supported this urgent appeal so far.

“Your donation of Love helps those

Who need a roof over their heads; some have lost the roof of their houses. For some, the whole house has been damaged. Most of our people live in a rural context and are small subsistence farmers of very low income and they have small houses which just need repair and strengthening. Also we need to purchase chainsaws so we can use our own local native timber, as buying timber at the local hardware or timber mill is very expensive. I myself built most of my house from local timber and have offered my chainsaw to help some of our people.

Who need proper drinking water. Water tanks are needed for those whose water tanks were destroyed by the cyclone.

Who are short of food. Food packs can add on to what they have at the moment until their crops are replanted and ready for harvest.”

If you are able, please give, to show your care and concern for our Pacific neighbours during this intense period of recovery.

Please give because, in Christ, we have been given eternal life.

All donations to this appeal are tax deductible.
In the case that a fundraising appeal has received sufficient donations, any surplus funds will be used for a similar activity or an activity in the same country or Anglican Province.
Main photo: Bishop Henry Bull

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Your gift will bring food and care to people of Fiji's northern district, as they salvage what is left after Cyclone Yasa tore through on 17 December.

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Bringing food, and hope

Although Fijians are used to the effects of cyclones, everyone agrees that Yasa has been of an intensity like that of Cyclone Harold which caused huge devastation in 2016. 

Yasa has now moved on and weakened but thousands of people are still in temporary accommodation, power and communications are not fully restored and it has been hard to survey the damage sustained. However, reports say at least 16 schools have been destroyed. There has been some loss of life.

Ranadi Rauluna, a Fijian woman interviewed by the ABC, said she had lived through at least 15 cyclones in her lifetime, but had never experienced winds like those which hit her village in December. Her house (pictured below), is normally able to withstand cyclonic winds.

Of course, on top of COVID-19 and the damage from Cyclone Harold earlier in 2020, Fiji’s tourism, infrastructure and agriculture is suffering badly. 

Please pray for the islands of Fiji in the wake of this latest emergency.   Pray particularly for the Christians seeking to provide food and hope where it is needed most. 

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