Let’s be ready to show God’s love to people in need!

The past year has been marred by emergencies. At home, parts of Australia struggled through ongoing drought, while other areas experienced flood. Overseas, natural disasters have affected communities – monsoonal flooding and landslides in Kerala, the tsunami in Sulawesi, and the cyclone in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. More recently, the Easter Day bombings devastated the Christian community in Sri Lanka.

These events are clear reminders that we live in a world that is not as the Creator intended. Yet we have a loving Father who has called the church to show love to people in need.

But it’s not only emergencies that demand a response. We also need to be ready to respond to the needs of communities affected by poverty, war, disease, lack of clean water and more.

As we approach the end of financial year, help us prepare for the year to come, so we can continue to support and equip our long-term partners and be ready to show the love of Jesus to people in need?

Like those recovering from Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe

Our existing partnership with Tawanda Masango, Director of Honey World, meant that we were able to respond immediately to the needs of those affected by Cyclone Idai, by sending funds to Zimbabwe within days of the disaster.

These funds purchased food and grocery items for 60 families and provided medicines for a local hospital and clinic. Tawanda and his colleagues delivered these supplies to three affected villages.

Tawanda expressed his gratitude for the swift response to their need:

“We are aware that such generosity from Anglican Aid is made possible by the generosity of many brothers and sisters across Australia. Only God can thank you enough!”

Funds are now required for the longer-term recovery efforts of:
- rebuilding houses for families whose homes were swept away by floodwaters
- restoring 150 beehives that were destroyed by the cyclone
- resuscitating the Honey World income-generating project that will provide long-term self-sustainability for this community

Like those devastated by the Easter Day bombings in Sri Lanka

Anglican Aid is establishing a partnership with the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka. With your support we can help the members of their community to recover from the devastation and heal from the trauma they’ve experienced as a result of the Easter Day bombings.

Our focus will be on providing support to the evangelical Zion Church that sadly lost 29 of its members in this heart-breaking tragedy.

Like those facing food shortages in northern Kenya

In Africa, our partners are warning of a looming drought. Communities in northern Kenya live with the threat of food shortages.

So far, Anglican Aid has provided funds to projects in the region, which has enabled:
- emergency relief for families at Archers Post, Isiolo & Elle Bor;
- construction of water tanks for access to clean water for those living in Marsabit;
- restoration of a bore at Ngaremara;
- rehousing of members of the Gabra community at Elle Dimtu and Idido who were forced to flee their homes to escape tribal clashes.

But, with your help there is still more we can do!

Please give generously and together, let’s be ready to respond and show God’s love to people in need.

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