Heading North serves rural communities in the Tere region with projects that benefit people of all ages.

As this financial year draws to a close, you can help build capacity in communities like Tere in Ethiopia.

Heading North, a ministry of the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church, has partnered with Anglican Aid since 2015 to let grace flow to the rural community of Tere, West Shewa.

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Thanks to the help of Anglican Aid supporters, Heading North has been making a huge impact and transforming thousands of lives!

WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene)
Construction of gravity-fed water systems, a borehole, and in village access points has resulted in 83% having access to clean water compared with 23% in 2013.
Access to clean water has led to improved community health with a 95% decrease in cases of waterborne diseases.
Provision of school supplies, and construction of classrooms, a school fence, and toilet block has led to greater school attendance (particularly among girls) and a 20% improvement in academic results.
Improved farming practices have seen farmers able to support their families and able to be generous. Environmental benefits have included better soil quality and less erosion.
Revenge killings (formerly the number one cause of mortality in the district) are down from 20 per year to just one in the last year. Hundreds attend peace training conferences led by Heading North (including community members, church leaders, police, and government officials). Heading North has facilitated 110 successful mediations.
Heading North is highly regarded and well respected in the community. The government was quick to call on the group to assist them in response to the COVID-19 crisis.
Heading North is a ministry of the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church, which has planted six new churches since 2016. Their work has enabled the gospel to flourish. Christians in the area experience much less persecution. A neighbouring district has even offered the Kale Heywet Church land to build another church.

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Please note any donations received after 11.59pm on 30/6/2020 will be receipted for financial year 20/21.

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