Welcome to Samir Yacco

 We are excited to welcome Samir Yacco to visit in November. Find out what is happening in Syria at the moment and specifically how Damascus Church Aid is assisting people through very difficult times. 

Samir is also Chair of IFES Syrian Branch – Syrian Intervarsity Mission.

As well as visiting churches and groups as a guest of Anglican Aid and AFES, Samir will participate as a panel member at the NTE (AFES) Conference in Canberra from 29 November 2019, speaking about building relationships in a Muslim society.

To invite Samir to your church or event during November please contact Eddie Ozols eozols@anglicanaid.org.au or Lucy Lim lucy.lim@anglicanaid.org.au . Interviewing Samir is the preferred method of any presentation - he is not available for preaching.