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Flowing grace in the face of drought
  • by Amy Touzell
  • November 14, 2018
Flowing Grace in the face of Drought

The Walker* family, first came to the Bundarra district seven years ago from the coast. Their aim was to “provide a better life for their growing family, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.” And so they bought a small farm in the district to “provide a stable working future for themselves and their children.” But life’s not been easy. An accident has left Mr Walker with long term health problems and what seems like interminable run-arounds with Centrelink, Medicare and Politicians. Nevertheless, Mr and Mrs Walker have continued to work hard to care for their family and one another, and make a go of farming as best they could.

Inverell farm - before and during the drought

Inverell farm: before and during the drought

But the long drought has done them no favours. The rising cost of feed, transport and veterinary requirements for their animals has meant significant financial losses on top of a meagre income. Most stock have now been sold off, including breeders; house tanks emptied, natural springs stopped flowing, fruit trees started to die and stock water became critically low.

Things got really bad for the Walker family. It seemed that only the government was making any promises, and delivery was always preceded by a mountain of paperwork, rigmarole, and time.  Fortunately Mr Walker had heard from a mate that Anglican Aid may be able to help out with financial assistance that would help keep his farm viable, his family functional, and his dignity intact.  He went to his local Anglican Church in Inverell and talked to the minister there, who was only too glad to help. The local minister organised for financial assistance from Anglican Aid to cover bills for essential utilities and the purchase of an extra house tank (see photo). And prayers were made, asking God to send rain that would fill the tank, and bring life to thirsty soils, water to empty dams, and joy to drooping spirits.  The prayers were answered, when some rain came.

Walker* family with the new water tank provided by Anglican Aid

Walker* family with the new water tank provided by Anglican Aid

The Walker family doesn’t pretend to be religious, but they are grateful to Anglican Aid for their generosity. They are confident that their farm and their family has a more secure future. They also give glory to God and for those who do good, and so let their light shine before others.

Here are some more  powerful stories illustrating the difference you have made:

A family moved from Parkes to the Riverina region with 1,000 sheep to find green grass. After the relocation, the RSPCA announced that the animals must be sold as they were too thin, with more dying every night. They now have only 200 left. On top of this hardship, their working truck was broken and they had no money to fix it. Anglican Aid sent financial  assistance to the local Anglican Church to pay their rent and to fix the broken truck. In doing so, the family is enabled to pull themselves out of a spiral of debt and work again.

Your support is carrying a young couple in Walgett through a time of utter devastation. While the husband was in hospital having his face reconstructed after a motorbike accident, the wife had to hand feed grain to 1500 cows every day.   Right now, the drought is making life wretched. Without your backing, it would be worse.

A rural family is proud that after 80 years and three generations, the wool of their sheep is almost at perfect length. Now drought is threatening the loss of all their stock. Without  relief provided by the local Anglican Church, not only would this family have lost their employment and income, but also their dignity.

Your support is helping families in the Yeoval district – one such family keeps sheep and manages a pig farm. This family was unable to source any grain for their stock. Coupled with the need for an urgent hip replacement operation for the father, they were desperate for any help. 

Your support is providing deeply valued assistance to a family living on a grazing property outside of Bourke. Sadly that area didn’t get the recent rains, and things are still really tough. This young family was struggling to maintain a minimum standard of living for their children until you gave them the financial support they needed.

Your support is not only supporting the livelihood and dignity of farmers, but also of rural business owners whose finances are also affected by decreased spending due to the drought.  In providing assistance to the farmers in the Mungindi district, all resources have been locally sourced from the Mungindi shops in order to support the economy.

Your help is getting people back to work again and is helping families to push through the long drought.  Thank you for the love you have shown your fellow Aussies in this time of terrible hardship. It is a tangible expression of God’s love.

Click here to make a tax deductible donation to the Anglican Aid Drought Relief Appeal. Let grace flow. 


*name changed for privacy reason

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