The quality of leadership is important. Able leaders can do enormous good while poor leadership, as Jesus pointed out, can have eternal consequences. Gross failures on the part of religious leadership in many parts of the world has left adherents with serious questions about trust. On the world stage, national leaders, through foolishness, greed or negligence, have driven whole countries to the brink of collapse, and beyond. People are plunged into deepening cycles of poverty and despair. 

So this Christmas, please join us in equipping leaders for faithful service in the developing world by supporting our Church and Community Leadership Appeal.

For church leaders, the need for Bible-based theological training is great. In South Africa, for example, Statistics SA estimates that there are 200,000 Christian pastors active in the country—less than 10,000 of those leaders are thought to have had any training. Without Bible training, it is all too easy for the good news of Jesus to be twisted.

George Whitefield College in Cape Town and Johannesburg Bible College are training church pastors to lead churches in South Africa and across Africa. They are producing men and women, rooted in Jesus, equipped for faithful teaching and loving leadership of their churches.

Community leaders in the developing world—many of whom also have leadership roles in their local church—often play a key role in delivering social services, development activities and humanitarian aid in their communities. Our community leadership programs equip these leaders to serve the wider community by the effective delivery of these crucial activities. At the Berea Bible College in the Congo for example, leaders are trained in literacy and pastoral care in a Biblical framework so that they can better care for and support the social health and cohesion of their local communities.

In Australia, we spend a lot of time and money on giving at Christmas. By supporting our Church and Community Leadership Appeal, you will be making a gift whose impact is felt well past Boxing Day, and will make a difference in the lives of leaders in Africa, Asia and the Middle East—and in the lives of the communities they lead.

Donate online today, or by one of the following methods:

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  • To support church leadership projects (not tax-deductible): Account Name: Overseas Ministry BSB: 032078, Account Number: 253514  (Overseas Ministry Fund ABN 94 609 182 072)

  • To support community leadership projects (tax-deductible): Account Name: Anglican Aid BSB: 032078, Account Number: 253493 (Anglican Aid ABN 8 525 237 517)

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