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Let’s bow before God: Floods flatten Pakistan
  • by Guest Contributer
  • September 1, 2022

Guest blogger: Amelia Van Netten, Anglican Aid Project Ambassador

It takes only a moment after googling ‘Pakistan flood’ to realise the state of tragedy that is sweeping the nation. Stories upon stories of destruction, death and uncertainty. The headline of a local paper reads ‘Let’s bow before Allah: Floods flatten Pakistan’. 

On Friday, the historic Moonsoon season saw the government of Pakistan declare a state of emergency and call for worldwide support following the catastrophic, ongoing torrential flash flooding. According to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) release on 29 August, 1061 people have died and 1575 have been injured. Across Pakistan, 992,871 homes, 727,144 livestock, 3457.5 km of road and 157 bridges have been lost. The destruction can only be described as devastating, with over 33 million people being impacted and displaced by the flooding. 

Anglican Aid’s project partner, Miracle School Ministries, resides within the Punjab region of Pakistan. Punjab is known to be settled on the plains – meaning flooding is rife. Angela Michael, Co-Founder of Miracle School Ministries shares,

“Due to the way brick kiln factories are designed there are deep caverns where water catches. We are worried that the children will slip into the water. Last year two of the children from Miracle School were playing near the water in their village when their feet slipped. The water was so deep and the walls too steep that the children could not get out and they drowned. Around a third of the current death toll in Pakistan are children. It’s heartbreaking and we are praying that God would protect the children and families of the Miracle Ministry”.

Let grace flow

As the people cry out for help, Miracle hopes to provide relief for the minority people who might not have the opportunity to receive national support.

“We are seeking to get rations to the families across the 35 brick kilns. All production and income on the kilns have been halted due to the flooding. These people are facing decreased access to food or income while illness is spreading… Our Pastors, leaders and teachers are taking ingredients like vegetables to make curry and flour to make roti. In some factories we are giving rations, others cooked food. We are trying to provide whatever is required, first food and then medicine. Whatever the most pressing needs are according to the villagers, we are seeking to provide. 

Almost all of the houses are facing damage, many with broken roofs, meaning families are living exposed to the elements. 

Some of our teachers live on the brick kilns, others travel there, which in the current situation is very dangerous and we are afraid for the people of the brick kilns. There is no sanitisation there, apart from any water tanks we have created through Waterworks. The flooding has also brought an increase in water-borne diseases as well as insect infestations carrying Malaria and Dengue Fever. 

We don’t know when the floods will stop or when people will be safe or even the future effects of this, it is very hard – but we are not giving up! As our nation cries out, we will bow before our God as the floods flatten Pakistan. We are asking that God will not only bring this nation relief from this flooding but also true mercy and forgiveness.

The world will rally to support Pakistan as a nation, we ask that you, our brothers and sisters, rally to support us. Please pray for this national disaster to finish and for relief from the severe impact of this flooding. 

Thank you again for standing with us during this time, please support us in any way you can. Your prayer and financial support are everything to us”. 

Please give generously to Anglican Aid’s Miracle School Ministries Flood Relief Appeal to support our brothers and sisters affected by the flooding.

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