Rainfall deficiencies. Water stress.

The Bureau of Meteorology has many ways of describing the drought that officially started in January 2017 and just goes on and on. In most of NSW and other parts of eastern Australia the question is: when will it rain?

Those who rely on the land for an income are struggling as paddocks turn to dust, and stock feed supplies run critically low. Dams have vanished, tourist spots have dried up, local economies have faltered and many have walked off their property. Some have chosen to buy feed from interstate as local hay and grain supplies run out, incurring exhoritant freight costs to transport it to their farms.Towns and businesses who rely on strong rural economies are feeling the drought as well.

In addition to economic impacts, the drought also increases the vulnerability of families and children, with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety on the rise in rural communities and households. Communities lose cohesion as people become more and more isolated by their circumstances. 

Building community.

Anglican Aid works with church partners in rural and regional areas affected by the drought. As we have done before, we will supply funds to Diocesan bodies to distribute via churches face-to-face with people most in need at that time. The funds provide practical support to families and go towards the cost of food and clothing vouchers, feed for stock, and water to refill depleted tanks. The funds also provide connection to Christians who care enough to get involved with the lives of people around them. Yes the money helps. But the connection lasts much longer.

Just as the well has run dry, so has the fund that existed following our last drought appeal. Help us to send more much-needed support to families and communities in desperate times.

To help support our rural neighbours in need, make your donation to Anglican Aid's NSW Drought Relief Appeal today!

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