“He must hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught, so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and also to rebuke those who contradict it.” Titus 1:9 ESV

Throughout the developing world, many churches either still do not have a pastor or those who are leading churches have little or no theological training. This can lead to distortions of the gospel message through prosperity doctrines or blending of Bible teachings with traditional and cultural practices, even witchcraft. The truth of the gospel can become lost or diluted.

You can continue to help preserve the truth of the gospel around the world!

When Pio first became a Christian, he scoured his home country of Fiji for a church where the Bible was taught properly. He couldn’t find one! Understanding the authority of the Bible and convicted by its truth, Pio knew he needed sound theological training so he could faithfully teach the good news of Christ to others. With the support of a bursary from the Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid, Pio has since commenced studies through Moore Theological College, Sydney. He recently sent us this message to share with you:

Hi, my name is Pio Nakesu (Tukana),


I’m currently serving as Pastor at Namadi Heights Baptist Church (NHBC) in Suva, Fiji. This little church of about 50 adults (or so) is a rare find in Fiji, where prosperity teaching and liberal theology are the norms at pulpits. At NHBC I am given the privilege to teach the Bible as final authority. Over the last two years of ministry there, I am seeing God work through the faithful teaching of his word. People responding to God’s call in Jesus to repentance, faith and obedience. Members who have sat in the pews for ages are now reading and studying the Bible to get to know God through his revealed word and getting up and serving.


I am very thankful for the opportunity to study at Moore College. It has challenged my understanding of the Scriptures and its interpretation. Moore College lectures are so Christ-centred and gospel focused that it hits me on a personal level every time, so stretching me in faith. The study has developed me personally as well as academically.


I’m looking forward to completing the course so I can help fellow preachers and Christian workers in Fiji in their study and preparation for preaching and gospel ministries. Apart from my role as Pastor at NHBC, I also serve as country coordinator for Langham Preaching. This ministry is helping to train up local pastors and Bible teachers in faithful relevant Bible preaching. My training at Moore will further equip me as I continue to serve with Langham, which is in its early stages and will hopefully become available across our nation. My wife, Olivia, and three children are beside me through this work and I am grateful for them.


Thank you, Anglican Aid, for supporting me with studies!



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Anglican Aid’s Overseas Ministry Fund provides financial support for students from developing countries to attend Bible colleges and Bible training events. This theological training, equips them to faithfully teach from the Bible and be Christ-centred in their ministry.

Because of supporters like you, in the last five years, we have been able to support the theological training of more than 780 men and women around the globe. People from 16 countries have been able to complete theological training through 18 Bible Colleges or Bible training events. Some have participated in vocational training, while others have graduated from courses with certificates, diplomas, bachelor degrees or post graduate qualifications including masters degrees.

But with your help there is still more to do!

Together we can support more students to receive quality theological education and training - equipping them to teach from the Bible faithfully and to have a Christ-centred approach to their ministry, making disciples in their nations, who in turn will go out to reach more people in more nations with the Good News. Therefore, multiplying disciples for Christ!

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