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Prayer and Aid for Armenia


The situation

In partnership with Christians on the ground, via Armenian Christian Mission Australia, Anglican Aid is providing much-needed food parcels for refugee families fleeing Artsakh.

On 27 September 2020, war erupted in Artsakh, home to 150 000 Armenians. Azerbaijan, backed by its ally Turkey, has launched large-scale military attacks against the ethnic, indigenous-Armenian populated enclave of Artsakh – better known as Nagorno-Karabakh.

The ongoing war has resulted in the deaths of thousands. Civilian areas have been targeted, and widely banned cluster munitions have been used by Azerbaijan in residential areas. Three ceasefires have been brokered, and broken. Thousands are fleeing their homes to find refuge in nearby Armenia.

With the extremely cold winter months approaching, families are in desperate need of warm clothing and suitable housing with heating; as well as basic essentials like food.

In addition to giving practical aid and support, our partners are providing spiritual care and giving hope to vulnerable people who have lost everything.

By helping Christians support these refugees, we help their witness in the wider community.

Donations to this appeal are tax deductible.

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Your gift will help provide food parcels, warm clothing and suitable housing to refugee families who have had to flee.

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Please remember Armenia in your prayers

Almighty Heavenly Father, God over people of every tribe and tongue and nation. We ask that you bring an end to the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the region of Artsakh. Restrain evil, protect the innocent and vulnerable and provide for their needs. For Armenians fleeing their homes, we ask that you provide them safe passage to places and people of refuge.

We pray for the governments and leaders of Armenia, Artsakh, Azerbaijan and Turkey. Please help them de-escalate the current situation and come to a peaceful agreement. And give world leaders the boldness to speak against evil, and stand for truth and justice.

We pray for Christians and churches on the ground. Please protect them, and use them to minister to the lost. Give them compassion for victims and boldness to proclaim the gospel of peace.

Most of all, we pray for the salvation of Armenians, Azeris and Turks. Have mercy on them, and turn their hearts to your Son in repentance and faith. Use this crisis, to bring about your good, that many brothers and sisters from enemy nations, would stand together in the name of the eternal King Jesus and bear witness to the Kingdom beyond borders, that is not of this world.

We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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