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Prayer for Tonga
  • by Lachlan Wilkie
  • January 25, 2022

Please pray with us for the people of Tonga. Sandy Grant, Dean of Sydney wrote this prayer that we encourage you to pray along with.

Almighty and gracious God,

We offer our prayers to you for the nation of Tonga, and others affected on Pacific Ocean islands, shaken by the violent volcano and earthquake forces, and the tsunami waves that followed.

We are reminded of our vulnerability as human creatures who inhabit this vast earth. As the ancient psalmist wrote, “You are our refuge and strength, an ever present help in times of trouble.” So gather those affected under your wings, calm their fears and keep our faith strong.

We pray for those in Tonga who grieve any loss of life; for the injured or traumatised; for those searching for family; for those whose property has been destroyed or livelihoods ruined. We ask for your healing presence in their lives.

We ask you to strengthen all those who have been involved in search and rescue, and in care for the injured. Be with Tongan government, and support efforts sent from other governments around the world, along with aid agencies, churches and other organisations, as they seek to serve. Sustain them through a time of tremendous stress.

We pray for Tongan migrants among us in Australia who feel homesick and far away from loved ones at this time. Sustain all those seeking to restore communications within Tonga.

We commend to your care those are working in the clean up. May shelter and clean water and food and medicines be supplied as quickly as possible. May generous gestures of practical aid and prayer support offered lift the spirits of those who hurt.

We give thanks to you, our God, for the blessing in our lives, especially for the gifts we so often take for granted till they are in danger of being taken from us – the gift of family, friends, a home, our possessions.

Most of all we praise you for the gift of Jesus Christ, who is the resurrection and the life to all who believe in him. And we look for the day when you will wipe every tear away from our eyes, through Jesus Christ, our rock and our redeemer.



This prayer is also available to download as a pdf


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