000 Ministries - Ashbury Anglican Church

*This project is now closed*

Within the Emergency service professions there is a large amount of social dislocation due to shift work, post traumatic stress disorder due to the horrific nature of the work over a prolonged period, along with difficulties settling into church or other community programs.  000 ministries met monthly in various places around Sydney and NSW, as well as one on one pastoral meetings and referrals. The work of 000 involved the following:

  • Regular one on one pastoral visits
  • Chaplaincy work with NSW Ambulance on regular basis and on call
  • Monthly meetings in and around Sydney.  Each month requires preparation and follow up of people. 
  • Monthly emails informing of events and follow ups
  • Creation of Mentor and prayer groups
  • Monthly feedback and review with regional co-ordinators

ABN 28 585 237 517