Adjumani Refugee Camp

Women and children have been the most severely affected by the South Sudan crisis. Vulnerable to rape and intimidation, women without husbands have children to care for but feel powerless in a foreign land. This situation has long lasting implications for the next generation of South Sudanese as access to education is greatly exacerbated, whether that be from overcrowding in schools, long and dangerous distances to travel, the impact of empty stomachs or just struggling to pay for school fees generally. 

Therefore, Anglican Aid is partnering with the Mothers' Union South Sudan and Elizabeth Lual to raise funds to support access to education and educational resources in the Adjumani Refugee Camp. This project is supported by South Sudanese Australians who have visited Adjumani and witnessed firsthand the squalid conditions under which the refugees are living.
Elizabeth Lual, who lives in Wollongong, Australia was also a South Sudanese refugee living in Kenya and knows the suffering that comes from poverty, discrimination and violence. Elizabeth visited Adjumani in April-June 2018, she coordinated with the Mothers' Union South Sudan in Uganda where they provided aid and relief for some of the most vulnerable members of the community. This project comes as a result of consultation with local community members, as they expressed a deep concern for the education of their children, and their desire to see them have a future. 

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ABN 28 525 237 517

    • Pray that the warring sides in South Sudan may implement and live by agreed ceasefires and that militias will respect the truce
    • Ask God to allow for the return of the many South Sudanese people who have fled their homes.