Alexandria School of Theology Bursaries

Anglican Aid and the Alexandria School of Theology (AST) are working together to train Christian leaders, clergy and lay people to serve Christ and His Church in the Middle East, North Africa and beyond. Anglican Aid is currently supporting five students as they undertake a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Studies. The Program is taught in English to those with a Bachelor in Theology, studying Patristics, Biblical Studies, Liturgy & Worship, Counselling & Pastoral Studies, Homelitics, Mission & Evangelism, Islamic Studies & Apologetics, and Anglicanism.

AST is part of the Anglican Diocese of Egypt which covers a vast area including North Africa and the Horn of Africa. Its mission is to reach the unreached with the Gospel of Christ and to grow his church by making disciples and equipping leaders. Egypt is home to 5 million refugees. It is also an important educational hub for international students, particularly those from Arab nations, African nations and other Muslim countries. 

A Rich Mission Field

The Alexandria School of Theology (AST) was founded in 2005 to train servants for Christ in the heart of the Middle East. The college was founded with the desire to train people within the context of the African mission field. AST has a focus on practical discipleship, mission and Church ministry. Students are able to combine theory with practice, academic study with personal reflection and application. Around 135 Egyptian and Sudanese men and women are enrolled in the two campuses in Alexandria and Cairo. Anglican Aid funds a number of scholarships at the school.

According to AST’s leaders, the crucial issues are how to overcome serious limitations on ministry training in the Middle East. These include gaps in the availability of books in Arabic on mission and ministry, lack of qualified Middle Eastern teachers, scarcity of resources and the difficulty international scholars and teachers have to fulfil their role because of language and cultural differences.

The church in Egypt has a tremendous need for trained and equipped Christian leaders. Many churches in the country do not have a pastor and desperately need Christian workers. AST is seeking to provide students with the necessary skills for gospel ministry in this context.

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  • Thank God for the work of ATC in supporting Christian education that impacts many nations.
  • Pray for the raising of faithful Gospel leaders at this critical time in the Middle East.