AmFuture, short for “I Am the Future”, was established in September, 2014. This name was chosen by a group of Ugandan youth to inspire them with hope in light of the difficult odds they face in their future. Over 78% of Uganda's population are under 30, the largest percentage in Africa. Sadly, Uganda also has the highest rate of youth unemployment in the whole of Africa. 

Today, AmFuture is a dynamic, multifaceted organisation working with youth in Uganda - running a youth group, creative arts program, and social enterprise business. Their vision is to see spiritual and talented young minds with a bright future.

Youth Group

AmFuture began as a group of young people meeting in the house of Ian and Sally Muwonge. With these roots, the organisation will always remain passionate about walking alongside young people. As an organisation they are growing exponentially and taking on new projects, however they will always continue to run their weekly youth group.

The youth group meets on Saturday afternoons with music, worship and a chance for the young people to showcase their talents in a supportive gathering. The youth can talk and express themselves, create caring friendships, and ask questions about God, faith and life. Sally operates in the capacity of counsellor and Ian is passionate about leadership and raising up leaders in AmFuture. He has a leadership team working alongside him - a group of fine young men and women who take responsibility for much of the work of AmFuture.

Creative Arts Program

The Creative Arts Program includes a music team, art classes, slam poetry and a modelling group.

  • Music team - meets weekly for rehearsals and music training, performs at AmFuture gatherings and in the community, and individuals organise their own performances as they grow in their music skills
  • Art classes - provide a place for young people to simply relax, create artworks and learn new skills from art teacher, Nasuru Napagi.   
  • Slam poetry - the 'new big thing' combining writing poetry with performance - the young people are loving it!
  • Modelling group - make their own clothes and showcase their talents at events

Social Enterprise Business

AmFuture is very proud of what they have achieved with regards to their two business ventures, the 'Piggery Project' and the 'AmFuture Rehearsal Studio'.

Established in 2015, the 'Piggery Project' has been running for three years. It is an income generating project for Mama Betty Nankya and her family. Mama Betty Nankya has four children - two of these children are involved with AmFuture. They have worked really hard to make the piggery what it is today, enabling this family to pull themselves out of poverty. 

Commencing in 2018, the 'AmFuture Rehearsal Studio' is the organisation's newest venture. The perfect space for musicians to rehearse and church groups to meet has been created through an investment in acoustics materials, instruments, and air-conditioning. AmFuture is already seeing the results of this investment as they are being approached by many interested clients, paying to use the studio. The 'Amfuture Rehearsal Studio' employs the Director of Amfuture, Ian Muwonge, as the Coordinator of the Rehearsal Studio, and one of the youth, Joseph Ntawali, as Support Coordinator. 

AmFuture is registered as an International NGO in Uganda, directed by Ian Muwonge, from Uganda, and Sally Mitchell, from Australia. The work of AmFuture is overseen by a Board, which is based in Sydney, Australia.

Donations to this project will be used for this project only.

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ABN 28 525 237 517