Annalevi HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention

The Annalevi HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention project aims to educate people living in remote areas of Indonesia about the causes of HIV and to treat those infected by the disease. Indonesia has one of the fastest growing HIV/AIDS epidemics in Asia. Annalevi aims both to increase the detection and treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS and reduce community stigmas surrounding the disease.

Anglican Aid is currently partnering with Annalevi to help them train volunteers to advocate for policy changes and collaborate with the community as they seek to implement preventative HIV strategies, provide education sessions to schools and community groups, deliver HIV counselling and testing, provide contraceptive options and maternal health care. Please consider supporting this important project in Indonesia.

Direct Deposit donations can be made to our bank account BSB 032078, Account Number 253522, Account Name: Overseas Relief and Aid. Please email the office with details of your donation at Cheques can be posted to – PO Box Q190, QVB Post Office, 1230, NSW.

All donations to this project are tax deductible.

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December 2016

The villager expressed, "We do not have to be scared of people with HIV now that we understand how it is transmitted". After a long education session with those of all ages from small children to older adults this was welcome feedback. The impact of this understanding for those living with HIV is enormous. Those that were and sometimes still are shunned from society are now receiving the love they need. The care they need. 

Pastor Ety from our clinic's neighbouring village proudly says "We visit the lady down the road with HIV and we want to help her however we can" after previously learning of the impact of HIV and AIDS can have on a family. The lady she was referring too had lost her husband from AIDS related illnesses and now herself has HIV. She, by a true miracle gave birth to twins with her new second husband. Her second husband by God's grace and through the medications and contraception provided to his wife is living without HIV! Their twin children also are living healthy without HIV!!

To prevent further transmission we encourage and provide HIV counselling and testing and have been asked to continue to bring this testing right into church buildings. We already bring testing to village centers and the numerous brothels in our area.
Our education prevention program with the much appreciated assistance of Anglican Aid has educated thousands of school kids and adults about HIV and AIDS. Through this program thousands of high school students are also being empowered and inspired to love and respect themselves and each other. When teaching of HIV we are often given the opportunity to also address issues of sexual abuse and pornography. Addressing a major problem of the island, often a problem that is a step towards HIV transmission and other serious consequences.

Our dear friend Pastor Nate has helped us many a time to tee up various meetings in schools and groups to facilitate teaching. We have been greeted warmly and with enthusiasm and are truly grateful for the partnership of Anglican Aid and its donors. This is our part in serving those that want a bright future and those that need extra care. We are grateful for the opportunity.