Anugrah Disabilities

UPDATE: Covid-19 response, April 2020

India has been in total lockdown since 25 March. The sudden lockdown has stranded many millions of people who are now unable to reach home. Thousands have made the days-long journey on foot or using rickshaws. People surviving day-to-day in normal circumstances don't know how they will survive the 21 day lockdown. The hospitals are ill-prepared for a major health crisis.

Anugrah has printed and distributed public health material in the Hindi language. They continue to call families with disability to make sure they are safe and have enough supplies. Anugrah will asses the 600 families they serve in order to provide the most vulnerable with supplies and medicine.

Life in Uttarakhand state in Northern India can be very harsh, even for the able-bodied and healthy. More than 90 per cent of this Himalayan state is mountainous, and as well as the cold, snowy climate, there are frequent earthquakes, floods and landslides.

For children and adults with disabilities - often among the poorest of the poor - the challenges are even greater. For some, access to health and rehab services is virtually impossible.

But nothing is impossible for God ... and thanks to the Anugrah Development Program (of which Anglican Aid is a major partner through its Overseas Development Fund) there is new hope.The program, based at Herbertpur Christian Hospital, began 10 years ago with 27 children at a single learning centre. Now it has around 120 children at four centres and is expanding to include adults with disabilities as well.

All donations to this project are tax deductible.

ABN 59 792 865 372

  • Pray for transformation of people with disability as they are some time live with stigma around them.
  • Pray for Anugrah training centre which we are planing for children with disability and normal children.
  • We are working churches for engage disability many church are open and willing to learn about inclusiveness.
  • Keep praying for Anugrah funding
  • We started family retreat for family with disability it gives great opportunity to share God love with parents.
  • Please pray for siblings of children with disabilities as many of the go through very difficult time.

Exciting Times at Anugrah

2017 proved to be a year with some truly landmark moments for Anugrah Disabilities as they have been growing their facilities, training services, and capacity. 

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Learning from Paul’s priorities

New CEO joins Anglican Aid team

In marriage and in employment, the wise have said, 'Start as you mean to go on'.

Well, a couple of hours into his first day as Anglican Aid’s CEO, the Rev. Tim Swan opened the Bible with the staff team at our weekly meeting, continuing the pattern set by former CEO, the Rev. David Mansfield. Anglican Aid is blessed to have had well-trained Bible-based leaders, just as we pray our projects in Australia and overseas will always have.

This photo shows Tim with some of the Anglican Aid team, during Kelvin Adiema's visit in March 2020.

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December 2016 - Rahul looks beyond disability as a curse

A 3-day retreat was organised in which the families of the disabled adults/children were invited to a time of fellowship, leisure and respite. The event was seen as productive because of the after effects of the retreat shown by Rahul. The retreat changed Rahul’s perspective on life, as he was able to share his life with people similar to himself. This was the beginning of a transformation, as he now looks forward to studying at college. The most amazing moment for Rahul wasn’t just restarting his own life, but he became a new man within. This was through the help of volunteers who love the Lord. This retreat taught individuals like Rahul that through the physical brokenness, there is one who overcomes all things and stands as a light through the brokenness of the world. Ultimately the project has given us an opportunity to light the spark in lives such as Rahul’s. Continued prayer will be needed to have the fuel to keep the fire going.

Other recent achievements by Anugrah; (2016)

*25 group and therapy sessions were conducted with ten children and an early intervention group is functioning with ten children.

*11 Children registered in regular school receiving education in Anugrah and nine children mainstreamed into regular school, receiving regular input by regular home and school visits.

*Centre children had fun during; Birthday celebrations, teacher’s day celebrations, Independence Day celebrations and recreation time with the team from 99 balloons (USA).

*39 People with disabilities were able to access government entitlement and schemes.

*Team of therapists at Nari Niketan with provision of aids and appliances.  


Bed-ridden with paraplegia, now Sharukh has new life (February 2014)

SHARUKH, an Indian boy now in his mid-teens, survived what could have been a fatal fall from a tree two-and-a-half years ago.

The accident happened when Sharukh and his friends went into the woods near their homes in Sahaspur, northern India to collect firewood. Although he survived, he became a paraplegic with no movement in either of his legs.

This disability caused hardship not only for Sharukh, but for his widowed mother and two siblings. Being the only breadwinner, the mother was forced to work for more hours away from home, which left Sharukh in the care of his siblings, and all this had a negative effect on family relationships. A photo of  Sharuukh can be viewed here

But help was at hand – thanks to the Anugrah Child Development Program, which aids children with disabilities under a project of Herbertpur Christian Hospital in Uttarakhand. Staff of the Anugrah program heard about Sharukh during a survey in Saraspur – and news of its new learning centre in his neighbourhood brought a ray of hope to the family.

Sharukh needed intensive care from the Anugrah team because of his prolonged bed rest, which resulted in pressure sores, stiff joints in both legs and very poor mental status. With rigorous efforts from the team, Sharukh made good progress and a further boost for the family came when his mother was given a housekeeping job at the learning centre.

Sharukh receives medical assistance when required and undergoes regular check-ups. He has been provided a wheelchair with customised cushions, and a toilet chair. All these efforts by staff of the program have opened a new door of opportunity for Sharukh, who has now made friends with other children, their parents and staff at the centre.

Apart from his regular exercises, the team is working hard to prepare him for enrolment in a regular school and also to make his house barrier-free.

In other recent achievements by Anugrah:

* A five-year-old boy, who survived second-degree burns to his face and upper right arm, was treated. The team was guided by visiting occupational therapists from South Africa and Switzerland;

* Under the supervision of Swiss prosthetic and orthotic technicians, the Anugrah team was able to make its first artificial limbs: trans-femoral and trans-tibial prostheses;

* Twenty-three children applied for membership in an Indian Government health insurance scheme for the welfare of people with autism, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability and multiple disabilities;

* Two new staff, a community co-ordinator and an animator, joined the team.

Herbertpur Christian Hospital’s Community Health and Development Project receives support from the Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid, under its Overseas Relief and Aid Fund. Donations to this fund are tax deductible.