Bishop Gwynne College

Anglican Aid and Bishop Gwynne College are partnering to train Christian leaders from all over the young nation of South Sudan. These local leaders will help shape South Sudan’s future as a peaceful society based on Christian teaching and good governance.

The funds raised for this project will go towards:

  • developing businesses to support the financial security of the college
  • enabling employment of qualified educators to strengthen theological and leadership training of men and women.

Well qualified church leaders are strategic in resolving tribal conflict, corruption and poverty, and facilitating development and reconciliation work. 

Donations to this project are tax-deductible.

ABN 28 525 237 517

  • For wisdom and perseverance for Rev. Samuel Mariel, Principal of Bishop Gwynne College
  • For viable business opportunities to support the financial security of the college
  • For staffing to develop a Christ-centred community
  • For endurance for students in the four-year degree program