Brett and Von’s Wedding!

We're thankful to God for all he has provided us including your friendship. We would be honoured if you could give generously on our behalf towards one of these two projects:


  • Umthombo weMpilo
    Hillbrow is to Johannesburg what Kings Cross is to Sydney - except much, much worse. It is one of the most densely populated places in South Africa and is known for violence, crime, extreme poverty and – especially – enslavement of women. Unless paying a visit to one of the suburb’s many brothels, locals and visitors alike avoid the area at all costs. Umthombo weMpilo is a program run by Christ Church Hillbrow which provides women with opportunities to leave the sex industry and provides counselling and support services to help them heal. Pictured left is Bubbly, the founder of Umthombo weMpilo, and Zanele*, a rescued sex worker and entrepreneur. 
  • SOAR
    The SOAR project cares for precious disabled children who have been abandoned by their families in China. SOAR provides a home for these children with specially trained care-givers with a ratio of one care-giver for three disabled children. The children are mentally or physically disabled and require a large range of care options. SOAR also provides counselling and support for at risk families struggling to care for their disabled children to prevent abandonment. Picture is a child playing with his carer.


All donations to these projects are tax deductible.


Thank you so much for your gift!


Brett and Von