Buhemba Community Food Sustainability Project

This project will establish 75-150 acres of Diocese-owned farmland at the Buhemba Rural Agricultural Centre, for the production, harvesting and selling of maize, beans and sunflowers. The produce is intended for local markets and local consumption, and will improve the local community’s well-being by improving local farming methods, developing local income generating skills and knowledge, and increasing the food supply of local markets. The project also will generate income for the Diocese enabling it to further its development work. 

With around 80% of the population employed in the agricultural sector, inadequate rains, post-harvest losses, illiteracy, lack of access to markets, poor storage facilities among other factors has led to food insecurity throughout the region. Many farmers experience poor living standards despite the production efforts in each farming season, coupled with high costs of production and insufficient harvests annually, many families run out of food months before the next harvest. The project seeks to address the problems faced by local farmers, by improving local farming methods and knowledge farmers are able to generate sufficent harvest and income for the year, meaning farmers are able earn an income and afford education, healthcare and shelter for themseves and their families.

Direct Deposit donations can be made to our bank account BSB 032078, Account Number 253522, Account Name: Overseas Development. Please email the office with details of your donation at enquiries@anglicanaid.org.au. Cheques can be posted to – PO Box Q190, QVB Post Office, 1230, NSW. Thank you for your generosity.

All donations are tax deductible.

ABN 59 792 865 372