Chainat Disabilities (Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities)

Life in Thailand is incredibly difficult for children with disabilities and for their caregivers. CCD seeks to develop the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the children under its care and to support their families, often coping with poverty, loneliness and isolation.

CCD operates in Bangkok and in a number of rural areas of Thailand. Anglican Aid, in partnership with The Geoff Wilson Fund, supports the work of CCD in Chainat, a rural area about 200 kms north of Bangkok. In Chainat, the work to focused on promoting rehabilitation as much as possible within the community. The aim is to teach and encourage the local community to become deeply involved in the long-term care for the children.

We support the following activities in Chainat:

  • Three days a week disabled children come to the CCD centre for physiotherapy, education and group activities.
  • Two days a week children are visited in their homes for physiotherapy. During these visits, our CCD staff provide their families with much needed support.
  • Once a week, CCD staff members visit two local government schools to give extra learning and run group activities for children with learning difficulties and special needs.
  • CCD staff members collaborate with local service providers (schools, hospitals, medical clinics) and local government departments to assist the caregivers and to increase the profile of CCD’s work in Chainat.
  • The establishment of a second centre nearby. This will expand the work of CCD so that twice the number of families and children with disabilities are helped.
  • The development of the professional skills of the CCD staff.
  • Strengthen the regular Christian ministry of Bible stories, singing and prayer time in Chainat.

Please consider giving towards Chainat Disabilities to help them continue caring for children with disabilities in Thailand.

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ABN 28 525 237 517