Chappo and Hope Bursaries

 A gift to the Chappo and Hope bursary fund will provide opportunities for students from sub-Saharan Africa to be supported to study in South Africa and other countries which have programs to develop indigenous leaders.

Sebonga is one man who has completed his training at GWC, and is now a minister based in the rural areas of Inchanga and KwaNyuswa. He preaches in the Zulu language. In his first year, he was even able to purchase a car which meant he could travel to see more people. Other ministers rely on buses and taxis.

Anglican Aid is partnering with George Whitefield College to train Africa's future leaders. Please consider a tax deductible donation to support the work of George Whitefield College and other training institutions in Africa and let grace flow to the churches in Africa.

All donations to this project are tax deductible.

BSB 28 525 237 517

    • Pray for leaders in Africa who can lead their communities in Godliness