Child Transformation (Parivarthana)

Environmental degredation in rural India, due to the detrimental effects of industrialisation, has meant that much arable land has become “unfarmable” and many people have been left without work. 

Families are unable to financially support their children to go to school and many have to resort to child labour in order to make ends meet.

Anglican Aid, in partnership with the Transformation International, is working to provide children in the region with access to education by constructing a school, supporting school attendance, providing regular health care organising vocational training placements for children when they leave school. Child Transformation also works to benefit children by better equiping families and carers to financially support their children through providing alternative vocational training and employment opportunities. In the long-term the project will establish group support networks between children, parents, teachers and other community members in order to holistically and effectively transform the lives of children.

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    Dec 2016 Update - Rajan's Story

    Rajan grew up in the hill village we visited.  He was so happy that we were able to visit and hold an open celebration.  The village was not like this when he was a child. Like many villages, it was a place of poverty and harsh Hindu practices.  His father was a Hindu priest and died from sickness when he was 9 years old.  His mother died not long after.  Pastors came to share Jesus message to this village and foretold that they would see a miracle one day; that people would be freed from alcohol and other problems and that there would be a church built. Rajan asked the pastors to help find a Christian orphanage to live and be educated. After he finished school, he felt called by God to go to Bible College.  He had little money to afford such training, so he asked if he could work for the college to pay for his study.  He could not afford any accommodation, so lived in a box type shelter for a couple of years. During the day worked washing, cleaning and cooking then studied to catch up during the night.  Many times he prayed and God provided just enough to get him through these hard years.  During persecution of Christians in Orissa several years ago, he had his house set on fire.  He now works for Transformation coordinating the work of local community churches, and our main centre in Orissa for sewing training and education for foster girls. He has been blessed to see many villages be slowly lifted from poverty and oppression.