Lake Rukwa Clergy Training

Lake Rukwa is a young Anglican Diocese in south-western Tanzania, formed in 2010. It seeks to serve a significant growth area in Tanzania. People from many different parts of Tanzania and from many tribal backgrounds are moving into the area looking for both land and opportunity.

The Anglican Diocese of Lake Rukwa desperately needs support if it is to serve the spiritual needs of this rapidly growing area. Its ministry leaders are rich in enthusiasm and promise but most have not received the foundational support of secondary education. Furthermore, neither they nor the diocese have the financial resources needed to attend Bible Colleges for the usual training in ministry.

Bishop Mathayo Kasagara is taking some very strategic steps in building ministry capacity. Even as he looks to make some strategic church land acquisitions, he has developed a locally appropriate theological and pastoral training program to build the ministry capacity of both clergy and lay congregational leaders. In conjunction with Moore College and the Sydney Diocese, he has developed an appropriate local training program using the Moore College PTC course.

The program is a Continuing Ministerial Education (CME) Program where pastors and lay congregational leaders participate in ten ‘2 day seminars’ annually. This CME Program is designed to achieve the following aims:

- Expand Bible Knowledge.
- Encourage unity and ministry discussion.
- Empower local church communities in ‘house-to-house’ visiting, where gospel conversations and pastoral care can proceed.    

The CME Program follows the pattern of 2 Timothy 2:2 where teaching is entrusted to faithful people who are  able to teach others. An initial group of senior clergy are instructed to pass on the CME program on to others. The initial teaching of a PTC subject has been facilitated by, Michael Palmer, a Swahili speaking graduate of Moore College.

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  • Safety as participants travel to seminars
  • Insight as bible is explored through the Moore PTC material
  • An open door as participants visit homes
  • Wisdom in discussion so that the resulting Christian ministry will be both biblically sound and culturally relevant.