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“Road has been broken and the church collapsed”    
Rev. Willard Kamandani, Malawi

As the situation unfolded, it didn’t feature prominently in the Australian news, but we have heard from our partners in the Anglican Churches of Malawi and Mozambique that houses, roads, bridges and crops have been destroyed. Power and water supplies have been interrupted and it is reported that over 80,000 people have been forced from their homes. Our brothers and sisters in these countries are in great need. 

Anglican Aid’s partners, who live and serve in these communities, have told us of the destruction of many of the church buildings in affected regions. Rev. Berthier Lainirina reported that Cyclone Batsirai alone has caused the destruction of 49 churches and 6 schools in Madagascar In addition to basic humanitarian support, we hope to assist with the rebuilding of these churches so that many people can hear the good news of Jesus and that they will let grace flow to their local communities.

This region is extremely vulnerable to volatile weather conditions and is still in the process of recovering from Cyclone Idai in 2019. There also remains a  serious risk that another severe storm, Batsirai, will hit the region in the coming days, worsening the damage. The ongoing destruction of infrastructure and crops has placed communities in immediate danger. Food insecurity, a lack of permanent and secure shelter, as well as the direct risks of flooding have made families vulnerable to famine, ill-health and injury.

In order to best address both damaged infrastructure and humanitarian concerns, Anglican Aid has established two funds. If you would like to contribute towards providing emergency relief to the people of Madagascar, Mozambique and Malawi, please visit this page



A damaged Church in Mozambique

A damaged Church in Mozambique

Would you please pray for our neighbours in  Southeast Africa?


  • Please pray that those Dioceses would be encouraged in Christ as well as Christians who lost their houses and crops. 
  • For peace, comfort and mercy on the families of those dead or missing.
  • For the repairing of the electrical grid and other key infrastructure. 
  • That the ongoing damage to crops does not lead to food insecurity and famine.

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