David and Chelsea’s Engagement Party

David and Chelsea would love for you to join with them in supporting growing God's kingdom in Pakistan through the work of 'The Miracle School Ministry'.

The Miracle School Ministry exists to help end intergenerational slavery in Lahore, Pakistan. Without sufficient access to education, employment options become thin. This situation forces many Pakistani families (especially oppressed groups like Christians and Hindus) to seek work in unfavourable circumstances to earn an income. Often, this will mean working at a brick kiln.

Life becomes progressively more difficult after that. As time progresses families inevitably will find themselves in some sort of hardship, perhaps sickness, injury or financial hardship. To solve the problem workers turn to the brick kiln owner for a loan. Due to a lack of literacy and numeracy skills among the workers, many will have no idea how to track their debt. This provides brick kiln owners with the opportunity to take advantage of their workers by ever increasing the amount owed, regardless of what is paid back. Eventually, debt is passed onto the children and generations and a cycle of indebted slavery is born.

Exploitation coupled with the poor living and working conditions on the brick kilns, such as contaminated water, inadequate food, deficient hygiene and housing, dangers from the kilns and the denial of education, all exacerbate a cycle of poverty and enslavement.

This is why the ‘Miracle School Ministry’ was started, in providing access to quality education for the children of brick kiln slave families, the hope is that they will be equipped with resources and employment to break the bondage of slavery. Miracle is currently educating 600 children between their two schools, one on a brick kiln itself and the other in Lahore.

For many families, these children will be their first literate and educated members. Since Miracle’s inception in 1999 more than 58 students have completed their tertiary education and found suitable employment – but much work remains to be done.

In addition to schooling, the Miracle Ministry also provides a host of other services, such as: medical care, food provisions, sewing classes, a women’s help group, adult literacy classes and improvements to life on the brick kilns such as constructing water tanks.

All of this work is done to serve the community to demonstrate the love of Christ and to preach the gospel so many Pakistani’s would be saved. Every child and adult is taught from the Scriptures, and the good news of Jesus is at the centre of all of Miracle’s work.

David and Chelsea have requested that if you would like to give them a gift then they would love for you to donate to the Miracle School Ministry. All of the money raised from David and Chelsea's engagement party will go towards supporting teacher's training at the Miracle schools, and provide funding for some youth engagement and Christmas activities.

Please support this wonderful work!