Christmas Appeal 2023: "Because of Jesus"

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The community of Tarime doesn’t have access to before school education in the area. School begins at age 7 for children in Tanzania with preschools being designed for those between the ages of 5 and 6. 

It will particularly look to provide girls with a place to improve their academic skills. Tarime is a place where there is a substantial imbalance between men and women, particularly through the control of land, agricultural produce and ownership of livestock. This imbalance between men and women is also reflected in access to education. By providing quality education to both boys and girls, the preschool actively works against this inequality. 

This project will enable all children to have stronger academic skills, and an increased familiarity with schooling environments.  This will help them as they move into primary school, reducing rates of dropping out, and in turn equipping them with skills they will use through their entire life. 

With your help this project will fund two teachers, while furnishing and equipping two classrooms and facilities for staff to use. Funds will go towards a perimeter fence, a cooking facility for the children, and playground and child’s play material. A water storage tank and a pit latrine will be used with an implemented flush system. 

This project will also provide stable income for the Diocese of Tarime as it endeavours to  run a sustainable long term project. 

Please pray for the construction of preschool in Tarime that many children will be enabled by education to break the cycle of poverty and to come to know Jesus’ grace.

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