Ebola Crisis

*This project has now closed*

After establishing a partnership with a well known evangelical service agency, Anglican Aid launched an appeal to provide support to the ELWA Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia. This is the hospital where Dr Kent Brantly, an American missionary, contracted ebola and was subsequently transferred and treated in the USA. This transfer really brought the ebola epidemic to world attention.

The hospital where Dr. Brantly worked, the ELWA Hospital in Monrovia, serves a population of more than one million. It tried to prepare for the disease and set up an isolation center. But the disease worked faster than the doctors could. Starting in June, the number of Ebola patients increased “at an incredible rate.” 

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa created tremendous medical, social and economic upheaval. In Liberia alone, the epidemic has stolen more than 4800 lives. Worldwide over 11,200 people have died. Anglican Aid supported our Christian partner organisation which worked on the ground in Liberia to combat Ebola. The Eternal Love Winning Africa (ELWA) Hospital was at the forefront in the treatment of the Ebola Virus Disease since the first days of its outbreak in Liberia. The response to the epidemic depleted many of the hospital's supplies and left several areas of the hospital in need of restoration. Anglican Aid provided money for personal protective equipment (PPE), medicine, medical supplies and linen.

This appeal has now concluded. However you can donate to Anglican Aid's ongoing work elsewhere by clicking Support a Project above.