Egg a Day

Tht's exactly what’s happening in more than 15 pre-schools run in the Shyira region in Northern Rwanda, where rates of chronic child malnutrition are extremely high (at least 37% according to the UN World Food Programme in 2017).

Most kids who attend one of the two-hundred Anglican pre-schools in the area would rarely, if ever, eat any animal products (that’s right… No meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, cheese or yoghurt AT ALL!) As a result, they miss out on a whole heap of essential proteins, vitamins and amino acids that every kid needs for their body and brain to grow and develop.

The Anglican Diocese of Shyira decided to fix this problem by supplying every child with one boiled egg per day. The idea started in five pre-schools, has now spread to fifteen and will hopefully extend to all two hundred very soon!

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  • Pray for Rwanda as it continues to remember and heal after the genocide which began on 7 April 1994

Bishop of Shyira, Laurent Mbanda, elected to lead Anglican Church in Rwanda

In Rwanda Anglican Aid partners with the Shyira Diocese and has known Bishop Laurent Mbanda through our Egg a Day Program  

Bishop Laurent has been elected the Archbishop and Primate of Rwanda. Continue reading

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An egg a day keeps malnutition away

The humble hen egg is proving its worth in the Anglican Diocese of Shyira, Rwanda, where the One Egg a Day program has helped overcome malnutrition in pre-school children.

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