Fiji Flood Appeal

Fijians in the process of rebuilding after Cyclone Winston (February 2016) have experienced further hardship from the recent floods.
​Large parts of Fiji remain underwater and many people have taken refuge in evacuation centres after their towns and villages were inundated.
The floods have led to widespread loss and damage of property including houses. Fields of crops have also been washed away which is believed to lead to wide spread food insecurity.

​Anglican Aid has made a swift response to the latest storm and flooding damage in Fiji. After gathering information from our partners in Fiji, an immediate gift of $5,000 has been sent to buy emergency food parcels for families and seeds to replant crops that were washed away by the flooding.

​Rev David Mansfield, CEO of Anglican Aid says, "One of the things I find most perplexing in serving people in great need throughout the world is how, on the one hand we are raising awareness for communities in trauma from lack of water to drink or grow crops (Anglican Aid's Waterworks campaign), and on the other hand communities have had their crops and livelihoods destroyed by flooding."

​Anglican Aid is seeking gifts (over and above this initial $5,000) from the Australian community which will be passed on Fijian partners to assist them in their immediate relief efforts.

"In the New Year", Rev Mansfield saus, "after we receive further definitive information and costing we will explore cost-effective ways of providing a replacement fishing vessel for one of the hardest hit areas where boats have been destroyed or damaged and boat owners employing young people are now unable to work and provide for their families."

Please give generously to support Fijians in their time of need! Your small gift can make a big difference in the lives of the flood victims! ​

​All donations to the the Fijian Flood Appeal are tax deductible. Click here to give an online donation.

ABN 28 525 237 517

​Photos: Fiji Sun