Timion Disability Support for Syrian Refugees

Anglican Aid is partnering with Timion to fund a disability support project for Syrian refugees in the Middle East. The project has two components. The first involves the provision of an occupational therapist (OT) to identify and work with families who have a child with a disability. Most of the children that the OT sees have cerebral palsy. She visits families to provide in-home therapy, and identifies additional resources (such as posture chairs or wheelchairs) that would be beneficial for the child.

Building relationships with the mothers of children with disabilities is an important part of the OT’s role, as these women are often isolated, without a support network.

The second aspect of the project is to teach Syrian men carpentry skills so that they can build the physical aids that will assist the children with disability, such as posture chairs and benches. As well as learning a new skill, the men are able to take responsibility for helping members of their community. They also have an opportunity to build relationships with other men and to support each other—many of these men have been separated from their families by the war in Syria.