Aid for Ambae Island Volcano Evacuees

The 11,600 residents of Ambae Island have been evacuated from the island to other other islands of Vanuatu as the Manaro Voui volcano has rained rock and ash on villages and a major eruption threatens.

Julie Bishop has said that the mass evacuation is now complete with the Australian Navy providing supplies to various host islands in the form of tents and food.

The evacuees have been told it could be several months before they can return to their island home.

It is understood that the Australian Government has promised $250,000 in initial aid to the crisis.

3,000 of those residents have been safely shipped to the Island of Santo and its capital Luganville where the Anglican Diocese of Vanuatu and New Caledonia has its diocesan headquarters. Diocesan resources are stretched to breaking point in also providing aid for the new arrivals.

Anglican Aid has responded to the call for help from Bishop James Ligo Anglican Church of Melanesia to assist with the aid effort and has launched an emergency appeal in an attempt to raise $100,000 for ongoing food and other material need.

Bishop James Ligo says, “We are attempting to provide for the ongoing material needs of 3,000 Ambae residents and are appealing to our Anglican family across Australia for assistance.”

Anglican Aid already has a partnership with the diocese in building a safe house and care centre for vulnerable women and girls. Anglican Aid also provided emergency Aid in 2015 after the devastation caused by Cyclone Pam