Christmas Appeal 2023: "Because of Jesus"

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Bringing people together

Divisions between people of different religions run very deep in Pakistan. The founders of Faisalabad School for Peace believe that poverty and lack of education are major causes of these divisions that cause intolerance between religious groups. 

The Faisalabad School for Peace seeks to promote peace and harmony in Pakistan by creating a community where children of different religions come together to learn, to play and to grow. They also believe that it is important to offer quality education to girls, many of whom are denied access to schooling in Pakistan

Faisalabad School for Peace believes that education is the best tool to bring peace to Pakistan. Its goal is to use education to break down religious and social barriers between people of all religions in Pakistan, including Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs. In particular, they seek to empower women in their communities.

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