Gambella Anglican Centre

The Gambella Anglican Centre is a multi-use centre run by the Anglican Church in Ethiopia. Its services to the community include:


  •     an after school and holiday sports programme, with a football pitch and a basketball/volleyball court;
  •     a literacy programme of training Nuer, Anuak and Dinka women from the Gambella region how to teach other women how to read their own language;
  •     regular training of clergy and lay readers in indigenous languages
  •     regular (4-5 times a year) periods for training Mothers’ Union leaders in health and basic nutrition
  •     a theological college with both full time and part time students (St Frumentius’ Anglican Theological College)
  •     a weekly worship service on Sunday mornings in Anuak


In addition to these activities, the compound of the Gambella Centre (pictured right) includes several houses, a guest house, a library, a classroom, and a canteen and a chapel. The compound population is growing and with that growth is a growing need for water.


Since the Gambella Centre was opened it has depended on the water system of the town. This has proved insufficient as the supply of water is not regular—often weeks or months without running water. Town water is supplemented by using rain water retention barrels attached to most of the buildings. Since Gambella is dry for much of the year (little or no rain from October - April), it is very easy to run out of water in dry season. Even in rainy season, we have little water from the town. It is often necessary to resort to buying water from local merchants who sometimes collect it directly from the Baro River. This water, which is used by local residents for bathing, washing cars, human and animal defecation, etc, carries a risk of communicable diseases such as shistosomiasis, typhoid and E.Coli.


Through its Waterworks for a Thirsty World campaign, Anglican Aid is raising funds to install water tanks and pumps and complete the latrine block.

ABN 28 525 237 517