Glen Lorne Orphans Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe was once the major food producer for sub-Saharan Africa with a vibrant economy and good educational attainment for its children. Economic mismanagement, hyperinflation and the AIDS epidemic have changed that, with many Zimbabweans living in poverty, with no means of supporting themselves or their families.

The Glen Lorne project provides for the day-to-day needs of 130 orphaned children and destitute former farm workers living in the Glen Lorne area, north of Harare. Many of the children have lost their parents to the AIDS epidemic and are now cared for by extended family or others in the community.

The primary goals of the Glen Lorne project are to ensure that the children receive adequate nutrition for healthy growth and to support the children through schooling – by paying fees for local schools, and providing them with the emotional encouragement needed to keep them in school and motivated to learn.

The project is run by a small group of local women and men who have seen and responded generously to the needs of these children who have so very little. They give up their time and their own resources to provide for the children. Anglican Aid is funding the Glen Lorne project in partnership with bounceAID.

All donations are tax deductible.

ABN 28 525 237 517