Guildford Refugee Outreach

People in Guildford and Villawood experience difficulty in many areas, from high unemployment (both youth and adult), low numbers of people entering higher education (thus guaranteeing further barriers to find meaningful, well paid work), high mental health and incarceration rates, plus a high number of immigrants (many of whom are on Bridging Visas and struggle to survive financially and settle into life here).

In many migrant families there is significant conflict between generations as the younger members pick up the English language quickly and become the link between their parents and the Australian way of life. They now straddle two cultures and become responsible for the survival (especially financially) of their parents and other older family members.

Over the past year our worker has connected with women and children who may find themselves socially and financially isolated and lacking close relationships that provide security and stability. Through regular contact at English classes, school activities and even at the local shops, trust is developing and home visiting is common.