Heading North Ethiopia

Heading North works to equip and strengthen Ethiopian churches, especially in rural subsistence farming communities. Training is an essential part of developing skills and leadership for both the church and community.

Heading North has a holistic approach to loving communities by responding to community identified needs. They have previously facilitated training and initiatives related to clean water and sanitation, environmental protection, income generation, peace and reconciliation, leadership development and marriage enrichment, to name a few.

The outcomes of peace and reconciliation training are visible. Revenge killing and violence devastates families, leaving women and children, on both sides of the disagreement, extremely vulnerable to the effects of poverty. Three years of peace and reconciliation training has dramatically decreased vengeance killing in one community from 15 per year to two in the last year. Alcohol related violence has also decreased and families have reported more peace in their households. The head of police has asked for this training to be given for the whole district saying, “It is better to love than kill”.

It is envisioned that with support, Heading North can continue their role equipping leaders and the community.

All donations are tax deductible.

ABN 28 525 237 517