Hope and Faith Community School

The Hope and Faith Community School (HFCS) was founded by Rosemary Mumbi in 2003 with just a pair of kids from the street. Rosemary's vision was to provide good quality, gospel based education to disadvantaged and vulnerable children (James 1:27 is an integral verse to her passion). 

More than ten years later, this vision has now developed into a registered community school in a slum area (New Ngombe compound) of Lusaka city, Zambia. The school caters for nursery aged children (3 yrs old) through to students completing Grade 12. Over the years the school has seen approximately 908 students go from junior secondary to senior secondary, and at present there are 700 children attending. Many of these children are orphaned and several also participate in a school feeding program due to serious food insecurity. Most families in the New Ngombe compound have little or no source of income, and there is a lack of social services provided by the government. In response, the school is also running programmes for youth and women in their community.

In 2008, the government stopped funding community schools leaving the school to operate off fees and donations. The school has 23 committed and passionate teachers, who unfortunately receive much lower salaries than at comparative state schools. At present, the school's infrastructure consists of land, 14 junior classrooms, eight secondary school classrooms, two science labs, and administrative facilities has been able to be built through generous donations. However, there is a need to extend the school's capacity through the buidling of a school hall and library as well as the provision of textbooks and transport. 

In 2016, the national average pass rate for the ‘O’ Level exams (Year 12) was 60%. HFCS students consistently score above the national average achieving from 80% to a remarkable 92% in 2016. 

Anglican Aid is partnering with HCFS initially to enable the provision of school transport and other capital items that will help the school continue to provide quality education and move towards being sustainable institution that nurtures the physical, emotional, social and spiritual development of disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Lusaka.


Donation Information

Your donation will go to supporting the various costs of running the Hope & Faith School and its programs, including school fees, teacher salaries and the feeding program.

$24 covers primary school fees for a month, $280 will cover fees for a year

$30 covers secondary school fees for a month, $360 will cover fees for a year

$800 covers the Headmaster’s salary for a month, $9600 will cover fees for a year

$2,850 covers the costs of the feeding program for a month, $25,500 will cover the costs for a year

All donations to this project are tax deductible.

ABN 28 525 237 517