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Anglican Aid is also supporting Nav Jivan Hospital in Jharkhand State. Both of these hospitals are part of the Emmanuel Christian Hospital Association.

Jharkhand State has some of the highest levels of poverty in India, and the hospital is the only health facility with an ICU in a 150km radius. The state’s high COVID-19 death rate reflects the low capacity of the region’s healthcare systems to care for critical cases.

Anglican Aid is helping Nav Jivan Hospital with the resources they desperately need to care for COVID-19 patients, including a larger ICU facility, a ventilator and an oxygen plant. The oxygen plant means the hospital will be able to generate their own oxygen on-site, instead of relying on oxygen cylinders, which are in severe shortage.

In India, the second wave of COVID-19 continues to skyrocket. The death toll is double that of the first peak of the virus, and crematorium fires are burning day and night. Even hospitals in major cities are facing a shortage of oxygen and beds in intensive care units. The hospital system is on the brink of collapse and many are desperate.

Please pray for the people of India in the midst of this national emergency. 

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