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Julie is a vivacious, sociable lady in her early 40s. She also has an intellectual disability. When Julie first came to Jesus Club in 2006 she had very little knowledge about her creator. However, Julie’s memory is like a sponge and very quickly she was absorbing the lessons about Jesus and correctly answering all the questions. During one Bible lesson, the teacher asked, “Who wants to be friends with Jesus?” and Julie promptly yelled out, “I do!”

According to the Australian Census 2012, 668 100 Australians (that is 2.9% of the population) have an intellectual disability. However, this proportion of the population is hardly represented in our churches. There are few churches in Australia trying to reach people with disabilities and only a handful are teaching them the Bible at their level of comprehension. 

Jesus Club is a ministry that aims to make Jesus Christ known among people with intellectual disabilities through Bible teaching and genuine friendship. In 2006, a small fortnightly Bible study group for adults with intellectual disabilities started in Gladesville. The concept was simple - a Bible lesson, yummy sandwiches, music and socialising. To our delight and surprise, the club quickly became popular with more and more people with disabilities wanting to join. In 2013, Jesus Club decided to help other churches set up similar clubs. As of 2017, there are over 80 people with intellectual disabilities gathering each fortnight to learn about Jesus and 7 churches running a club. Since there is very little Bible material available across the world for this population, Jesus Club is also writing its own material and forming a huge online library that can be accessed by anyone anywhere. Our dream is to see people with disabilities everywhere rejoicing in the knowledge of Jesus. 

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