Jonglei Floods Emergency Relief

Anglican Aid is working with Bishop Gwynne College and the Anglican Diocese of Wernyol in Jonglei State to bring emergency relief and aid to those devastated by flooding in South Sudan in early August.  Eight of the 10 counties in Jonglei state have been affected.

Locals have been without shelter and essential supplies since the banks of the White Nile River burst. The flood was the result of water management decisions by some of the 11 nations through which the Nile flows.

According to Anglican Aid’s contact Rev Samuel Majok, who has been receiving updates from the ground, the South Sudanese government and local NGOs have not yet provided assistance for this disaster.

Church leaders are using small boats to go from house to house checking for survivors.

For more information, read this story from, The emergency you haven't heard about.

Funds donated through Anglican Aid will provide basic items such as food, blankets, and mosquito nets to those who have been displaced by the floods. At present, the urgent need is for plastic sheeting, which is used to make rafts to transport children, livestock and goods through the flooded areas. The assistance will be distributed through the local church, ensuring pastoral care is also given.

What your gift will provide:

$800 - a large tent for 10-15 people

$100 - a small tent for a family of 4-6

$50 - plastic sheeting for two families

The South Sudanese church is hoping to provide these tents to displaced families.

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Donations to Anglican Aid for this project are tax deductible.

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