Kajo Keji Christian College

Anglican Aid provides ongoing support to the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS) as they care for the South Sudanese refugee community, evacuated from the Kajo-keji district of South Sudan, in camps located around Moyo, northern Uganda. ECSS are distributing emergency provisions and providing essential services such as medical care and education. It also provides desperately needed pastoral care for people who continue to live with the trauma of conflict and violence. Amongst the hopelessness of ongoing conflict there are bright points. Kajo-keji Christian College is one of those bright spots. Run by ECSS, the small college teaches theology and business administration, so that graduates can pastor their communities and deal with the practicalities of serving people living in such difficult circumstances. Students are trained in theology, evangelism and pastoral care as well as in peace building initiatives equipping them to be involved in reconciliation and peace building in their communities. 

The college recently sent an update on graduating students, and those just starting a new academic year:

  • Joel Lokoju Wani graduated from the college in May 2018. He has a passion for children’s and youth work, and his research project was on the abuse of women in his culture. Joel is now working in seven different churches in the refugee camps.
  • The Rev. Sallah Timoteo Taban is another recent graduate. Known as “Saba Saba”, Sallah draws on his experiences as a soldier in the time of Idi Amin as he pastors his community. 
  • The Rev. Kaku Reida has just started her studies at the college. She is studying a diploma of theology and is using her studies to develop her work with Kajo-keji women.

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