Karagwe Disabilities Project

The link between disability, poverty and social exclusion is strong.

Karagwe Disability Project is part of the Karagwe Community Based Rehabilitation Program, now known as CBIDO, a community-based non-government body working under the Anglican Diocese of Kagera in Tanzania.  Anglican Aid had partnered with Karagwe for many years and is constantly amazed by the work of KCBRP.

One of the amazing stories from the work at Karagwe is that of a young boy named Apewe (nicknamed “Bahati” which means luck). Born with cerebal palsy, Apewe's parents didn't know how to provide him with the care he needed. Scared and confused about what to do with their son, Apewe was left at home, unable to move and left lying on the ground for hours on end. He was malnourished and developed scabies across his body (pictured left). When KCBRP was called in to help they gave Apewe the care he needed and trained his parents in how to care for his needs. As you can see in the image on the right, Apewe is a new boy! He now has a wheelchair to use to get out of the house and play with the other children!

Other services that Karagwe Community Based Rehabilitation Program run include:

  • Medical services, including operations and treatment, transport to hospitals, plus clinics and home visits;
  • Education for children: school uniforms and equipment, school fees and transport to schools;
  • Equipping people with knowledge and skills and encouraging income-generating activities; plus a forestry project;
  • Community “sensitisation”, to include radio programs and announcements, village meetings, leaflets and community seminars. (Ignorance regarding disability is widespread in communities and traditional beliefs cause much of this ignorance, resulting in poverty and isolation.)

Please pray for and consider financially supporting the wonderful work of Karagwe Community Based Rehabilitation Program!

Anglican Aid’s general fund applies all donations received to this or similar projects.

ABN 59 792 865 372

  • Praise God for the Karagwe Disability Project in providing services to support children with disabilities in 31 villages in the Karagwe District, in the Kagera Region of Tanzania.
  • Pray for community sensitisation through radio programs, announcements, village meetings, leaflets and community seminars.
  • Pray that the love of Jesus will shine through the work of KCBRP!